Policy Plan

Policy Plan Eardrop Foundation online

In the Policy Plan Foundation Eardrop will we share the considerations underlying the Eardrop Foundation’s policy for the next few years.

The Eardrop Foundation has been active in Kenya and Ethiopia for many years. Gradually we began to ask ourselves: ‘Are we still doing the right thing in the right way?’ Therefore, in the past few years we have reviewed our activities.

The Policy Plan describes our renewed ambitions for the operati- onal activities and the (financial) accountability. We have formulated four central principles:

1) Every project must fit within the Eardrop Foundation’s objective.

2) Every project must have a pre-defined starting and finishing point and a budget plan.

3) During the course of each project, its operational and financial state of affairs must be readily comprehensible at any point in time.

4) We are shifting the Eardrop Foundation’s focus from operations and treatment to the upscaling of education and (skills) training.

Starting from these principles, the working group has formulated its own objectives in this plan. The implementation of these objectives is to be described in project plans.

The choices, which have now been made, require a different deployment of the Eardrop Foundation volunteers. In choosing and organizing projects, the Eardrop Foundation takes into consideration its local stakeholders; they help to determine how our orientation is to be implemented.

The board is aware that all this cannot be achieved at once. In consultation with the working groups, we will see how entrenched the current practices prove to be.